Man in backpack preparing to ascend mountain with a beaconing radio tower atop.


The Club's oversight is provided by the board of directors. The board is elected from the Club's membership and answers to the members. Collectively, they are responsible for the management and oversight of the club and its operation. Their job is to further the Club's mission and vision, and like all club members, seek out opportunities to engage the members and the community in radio and nature.

The table below lists all current board members. Board members elections are held in October each year. If you have interest in volunteering time to improve the club, consider running for the board. Contact any board member for further details.


NameFCC CallPositionQRZ ProfileSocial Media Pages
Gregory Reavisw0kngPresident
Adam Mennew7fizSecretary
Timothy Robnettw0trrTreasurer & Trustee