Man in backpack preparing to ascend mountain with a beaconing radio tower atop.


The club came together organically over a period of years. Annually we would get together and operate for Winter Field Day. As our WFD crew got larger, we started discussing other activations and more people became interested in joining us, so we formed the Missouri Outdoor Club in December of 2020 as a way to involve more people in our shared interests.

With a couple of WFD events under our belt, a SOTA activation, several POTA activations we continue to seek out ways to activate radios within nature. The club has grown from the initial 3 members to over a dozen.

The list on the Events page gives an idea of the things we like to do. Following the News page is the best way to see what is happening. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the RSS feed and be notified each time a new article is published.