Man in backpack preparing to ascend mountain with a beaconing radio tower atop.


 Winter Field Day

Winter Field Day is one of the club's favorite events. In fact, it is the event that brought most of us together initially. We look forward to and plan for this event all year long.

WFD is the last weekend of January. See the News for a summary of past events.

 Parks on the Air

Parks on the Air is a great way to get outside, share radio with others and work out kinks in your system.

Activating a park can be as simple as parking a car and throwing a wire up in to a tree or as complicated as a multi-day cross country ski trip to carry gear into a remote section of frozen wilderness.

See the News for info on past and upcoming activations.

 Summits on the Air

Summits on the Air is an area the club is looking at getting involved with. In our home State of Missouri, there are 57 official SOTA summits. By the end of 2021, the club hopes to have done some activations in the Saint Francois Mountains. The News page is the best place to watch for upcoming SOTA activations.

Additionally, one of the club's members has high-altitude mountaineering experience climbing in glaciated terrain on two continents. No firm plans exist at this time for such a daring activation, but it is often pondered.

 Fred Fish Memorial Award

Fred Fish Memorial Award The Fred Fish Memorial Award was created in honor of Fred Fish, W5FF (SK), who was the first amateur to have worked and confirmed all 488 Maidenhead grid squares in the 48 contiguous United States on 6 Meters. The award is given to any amateur who can duplicate W5FF's accomplishment. W0MOC members are currently making plans to do some grid expeditions to 1 or more of the 144 least-activated grids to help other amateurs complete their quest to repeat Fred's accomplishment.