Man in backpack preparing to ascend mountain with a beaconing radio tower atop.


Planned Activation of Battlefield for Memorial Day

W0MOC plans a POTA activation of the Missouri State Park, "Battle of Lexington" over Memorial Day Weekend

Updated: May 18, 2021

The Missouri Outdoor Club plans to honor our veterans this Memorial Day by activating The Battle of Lexington State Historical Site (K-3339) on the 29 and 30 of May, 2021. The participants for the Parks On The Air activation are Aaron (AE0LZ), Jeff (KC0ATF), Ray (KE0OAP), and Travis (W0DTM). Aaron, an alumni of Wentworth Military Academy and College, contacted Chris Fritsche and told him of our plans. Mr. Fritsche has been very helpful in obtaining a space for us to setup our radios and getting us permission to spend a night in the park. We thank the park and it’s staff for all they have done for us.

The Siege of Lexington (also known as The Battle of Lexington) took place from September 13 to 20, 1861. This year marks the 160th anniversary of the conflict. The combatants were the Missouri State Guard led by Major General Sterling Price and the 23rd Illinois Infantry led by Colonel James Mulligan. The final battle on September 20, 1861 included a brilliant move by Brigadier General Thomas A. Harris’s 2nd Division (State Guard) who soaked bails of hemp in the Missouri River to construct a moveable breastwork. The plan was to roll the bails of hemp up hill to were Col. Mulligan's men were entrenched. The water soaked bails made the perfect cover for the advancing troops. The wet bales would stop even the heated shot used by the entrenched infantry. In the afternoon surrender terms were offered and Col. Mulligan's men vacated their defenses and stacked their arms.

Memorial Day should be a time when we remember those who gave their all for our freedoms and our country. As we grill our meals and enjoy our holiday, may we never forget those who didn’t make it home. If you have friends or family who served, thank them for their service. Enjoy your day off and have fun.

The Missouri Outdoor Club will be operating mostly on 40 and 20 meters. The plan is to keep two radios on the air most of the day. We will be using the Parks On The Air (POTA) website to keep chasers informed of the frequencies we are using. We will be using paper to log our contacts and transforming them into HAMRS to be uploaded to POTA. Please look for us and make contact with our group. We will be utilizing two Wolf River Coil Silver Bullet TIAs to activate the park.

More info about the location is available on the Missouri State Parks website.